Men's mental health has always been a taboo subject, with lots of men feeling that they can't speak out about mental health due to the fear of not being 'TOUGH' enough. This is where Side by Side are here to help. 

Whether you are suffering in silence or are struggling on what to say to a friend who has been a bit down recently, we aim to provide support to ensure that men are working together Side by Side.


We are a Young Enterprise team from Staffordshire striving to make the mind a safer place. Our main aim is to demolish the stigma that mental health is a subject to be avoided. We encourage people to SPEAK THEIR MIND as mental health is something that we all possess - you don’t have to be at your lowest to speak about it. As a team of predominantly male members, we believe that this anonymous approach to conversation is a good stepping stone to the normalisation of mental health. We aim to do this by using stress relievers as an initial response to something that men may be apprehensive to talk about.  

It's important to note that we are not professionals and what we offer is direction on where to get advice and speak your mind.



Alleyne's Academy
Oulton Road
ST15 8DT

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